Organisation Design Review

Would a cost improvement of 10% – 25% help your business?

Many businesses have grown so rapidly that they haven’t had time to future-proof their organisational design. SRM Europe helps clients re-design their businesses vertically and horizontally. Our clients typically achieve cost improvements of between 10% and 25% through efficiency gains or cost reduction.


Contract Value Realisation

What if we told you that 90% of the time we uncover unrealised savings in vendor contracts?

In the fast-paced business world, oversight of supplier contracts can be deprioritised or missed altogether, leading to unnecessary expense. In this vital area, SRM has saved 1,000+ clients over $2.2bn since 1992. Now our SRM Europe team is using the same tools to serve European markets.


Intelligent Automation

What can you achieve by leveraging Intelligent Automation in your business?

Technology is advancing at such a fast pace, that it is hard to discern whether to deploy Robotics, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, and so-on. SRM Europe helps clients to identify the right tools to deploy in the right places, increasing efficiency, improving cost of operation, and customer experience - and we call this Intelligent Automation.


Business Effectiveness

How much are ineffective business processes costing your organisation?

Often business processes are either out of date, missing workarounds or undocumented altogether. These inefficiencies increase risk and lower profitability. SRM Europe uses Lean Six Sigma and its unique approaches to improve performance through auditing, re-engineering, enhanced documentation and automation.


Payments Advisory

Would your organisation benefit from assistance in finding the right payments solution?

Making and receiving payments is the lifeblood of business. Yet with numerous payment solutions across many channels, determining the best fit can be a challenge. SRM Europe uses our decades of experience in payments to support our clients—from global firms to local organisations—across many different industries.


Resource Augmentation

What gaps in resourcing are slowing your response to market change?

Clients undergoing organisational transformation often identify gaps in capacity and capability. SRM Europe provides them with trusted, capable and experienced HR specialists, business analysts, project and programme managers and more. Offering oversight, support and access to essential resources and methodologies, we ensure our clients’ success.


Driving Better Lending Growth

Are you achieving the right balance of portfolio risk, compliance and margins?

Lenders want three things: compliance, growth and a line of sight to drivers of portfolio risk. Our expertise spans awareness and origination to repayment and collections. We help clients increase bottom-line performance by better understanding the impact of their strategy and operations on the future value of their portfolio.


Vulnerable Customers

Think just complying with regulations is enough to protect vulnerable customers?

All industries interact with customers who might be considered ‘vulnerable,’ or in need of personalised treatment due to their individual circumstances. Attention to such clients—by the media, regulators and politicians—is increasing with the growth of this important customer group. SRM Europe helps businesses take action to protect vulnerable customers.


Vendor Selection

Finding it hard to identify the best supplier for your need?

All businesses require suppliers, but some struggle to run effective procurement programmes. At SRM Europe, we help our clients create (or run) procurement selection processes that work. By offering expertise, oversight and hands-on management, we let our clients concentrate on their strength: delivering goods or services to their customers.


Insights & Data Analytics

Could more effective use of your data improve your customers’ experience and your operational performance?

With 20+ years of experience, our Insights & Data Analytics (IDA) helps organisations unlock greater value from their existing data, through data science and innovation, as well as generate customer experience insights to provide independent interpretation and pragmatic support in delivering a positive impact to performance.

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Why SRM Europe?
Helping Organisations Meet Challenges Brought by Change

SRM Europe is an advisory firm helping organisations and financial institutions address needs in areas including Organisation Design Reviews, Cost Savings and Revenue Enhancement, Contract (Terms) Value Realisation, Business Process Re-engineering, Payments Strategies, specialty programmes to address specific vulnerabilities, improving the value of lending portfolios, and optimising vendor management.